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As the days wore on, his utter carelessness of any considera- tion so intensified our distress and danger that I had, much as I loathed doing it, to resort to threats, and at last to blows.
Yet you must have known something of the presentiments that spring from an insight at war with passion; and my visions were only like presentiments intensified to horror.
Butteridge, in a greatly intensified loud voice, "we're safe
Strong as was her inward grief, this wound to her vanity intensified her misery.
No doubt her beauty, intensified by emotion and enhanced by the flowers of bright color and strange shape which she carried wrought upon Rodney, and had its share in bestowing upon her the old romance.
Her memory of the night interview with Miss Jethro had inevitably intensified the suspicion inspired by the conduct of Mrs.
Her interest in Leslie Moore, which had been vivid ever since she had seen her driving her geese down the hill, was intensified a thousand fold by Miss Cornelia's narration.
The purely scientific attraction was suddenly intensified by the following incident:
The ruin of oligarchy is the ruin of democracy; the same disease magnified and intensified by liberty overmasters democracy-- the truth being that the excessive increase of anything often causes a reaction in the opposite direction; and this is the case not only in the seasons and in vegetable and animal life, but above all in forms of government.
And in the democracy they are certainly more intensified.
And for all that, at the same point in her memories, the feeling of shame was intensified, as though some inner voice, just at the point when she thought of Vronsky, were saying to her, "Warm, very warm, hot.
Treatment was more likely to be intensified for ethnic minority patients, for men, and for older patients.