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But if the warming intensifies significantly, Barnett says he will have to call this forecast a bust.
The haze intensifies when the lights go down, and we're presented with a young man, (Vadim Ladon), surrounded by heavy mist, dozing on a park bench when another character places a long, mean-looking knife in his hand.
CHICAGO -- Traditional Grocers' Private Label Share at Risk as Competition Intensifies from Other Channels
While Bao reduces tangential design details in his cars, he accentuates and intensifies their chrome, and his smallish paintings are powerful and glossy candy-colored conveyors of great formal beauty.
In this positive feedback process, the storm rapidly intensifies into a weather bomb.
OAKVILLE, Ontario -- Intensifies focus on UK and European markets
This ambiguity intensifies the viewer's investment in the seductive games of the paintings' surfaces.