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The POC study results showed that people with type 2 diabetes uncontrolled on basal insulin were apprehensive to intensify therapy and initiate basal-bolus insulin despite their physician's recommendation due to factors such as fear of weight gain caused by the medication (45%), feeling they were getting sicker (44%), fear of hypoglycaemia (low blood sugar) (41%) and not wanting to add more injections (41%).
The post Turkey and US to intensify drive to push IS from Syria border appeared first on Cyprus Mail .
The committee devised a number of measures to intensify control over stationery stores and markets.
Do you know of any other roads or areas where the authorities should intensify their presence?
Unique are ambassadors for Intensify which aims to make a difference in young people's lives through music by taking a stand against street crime, gangs and drug use.
Again, physicians were more likely to intensify treatment at higher blood pressure levels.
Globalization does affect childhood, and the relationship will surely intensify in future.
I'm going to assume they're going to intensify what they've done to achieve at the state level.
Sighicelli's technique of using artificial light to rupture and intensify particular areas recalls Merz's deployment of shaped neon tubes and spotlights.
The general shortage of both quality office space and space that can satisfy large requirements of 50,000 square feet or more will intensify.
As the world continues to struggle with the climate change issue and various mitigating actions are proposed, it is likely the policy debate - and efforts by opposing forces - will intensify.