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At a later stage Volvo Bus and Berkhof-Jonckheere will intensify co-operation in Belgium and the Netherlands and widen it to include other areas besides marketing and sales.
Once these plans are finalised, our operations will intensify.
That turnaround shows how Western contact can sometimes defuse native violence rather than intensify it, Clayton Robarchek adds.
After two days of tense negotiations, NATO officials on Sunday night failed to get Yugoslav military officials to agree to terms for a Serbian withdrawal from Kosovo, throwing into doubt the peace deal reached last week by political leaders and prompting NATO to promise to intensify bombing.
He reduces to intensify, and in his hands his various Thunderbirds, Corvettes, Rivieras, Landaus, and Bel Airs become both nostalgic and iconic.
The state weather bureau is tracking a low pressure area that could possibly intensify into a tropical cyclone.
He said US forces aimed to intensify pressure on IS strongholds in Raqqa in Syria and Ramadi in Iraq.
Color in her paintings exceeds the boundaries of objects--or the objects, like solar cells, absorb and intensify ambient color.
Call it the edifice complex: People working in the same building complain of headaches, fatigue, eye irritation, dizziness, itchy skin and other symptoms that intensify during the workday but abate in the evening and on weekends.
Pagasa said the typhoon will intensify further before making landfall over the Cagayan area by Thursday morning.
Serbian television showed large fires that consumed two buildings in the heart of downtown Belgrade hours after a defiant President Clinton vowed to intensify airstrikes in the hope that, eventually, hundreds of thousands of displaced people could return home.