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Two days after the vibrations, the intensities decreased by about 2 percent.
Subjecting the lamps to varying vibrational frequencies over time makes all lamps degrade in performance with a wide variation in peak intensities.
Intensity dependence" is a general term used to refer to the pattern of ERP amplitude changes to tones of increasing intensities.
In the operational context, the model guides the selection of projects and the intensities of selected projects in order to maximize the portfolio value.
This choice is linked with that of x-ray line, since observed intensities are affected both by generated x-ray intensity and by spectrometer efficiency (see Fig.
The solid curve is a profile refinement of both the antiferromagnetic and crystallographic structure for the sample, and the experimental intensities are indicated by the open circles.
piezoelectric constants, elastic coefficients; and the effect of texture on the intensities of diffraction peaks.
The Purdue researchers demonstrated significant modulation at intensities comparable to the illumination in a dimly lit room.
Under these ideal conditions, the proportionality of the intensities between the NIST standards and the secondary standards are constant.
In the epicentral region, the earthquake generated a fault rupture of 110 kilometers and ground shaking intensities of VIII to X on the Modified Mercalli Intensity (MMI) scale.
To get around this problem, scientists have reduced the intensities in the glass by increasing the beam size.
At intensities much higher than those used for diagnosis, ultrasound pulses clearly have an effect on human tissue.