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The areas covered are basic pathophysiologic principles and their application in the intensive care unit, supportive care for intensive care unit patients, specialized care for intensive care unit patients, problems arising in the intensive care unit setting, evaluation and management, presenting problems for intensive care unit admission, and professional and interpersonal and communication skills.
Over the years the driving tests have become more difficult but each time Academy Intensive has risen to the new challenges - but the toughest battle might yet be coming up
End-of-life practices in a tertiary intensive care unit in Saudi Arabia
The MIND (Memory in Diabetes) study was a substudy of 2,977 ACCORD participants who had been randomly assigned to receive either intensive glycemic treatment targeting hemoglobin [A.
ALMOST half of Britain's 3,000 intensive care beds are occupied by swine flu victims.
In recent years, family presence in intensive and family-centred care has been a frequently discussed topic resulting in numerous publications.
Out of all the 23 industries considered, capital intensive industries, followed by labor intensive, intermediate capital intensive and ultra labor intensive constituted high share in exports, imports and wages during the study period.
HOSPITALS could run out of intensive care beds for children with swine flu, researchers warned yesterday.
The UK could suffer a shortage of intensive care beds for children with swine flu, researchers said today.
One hundred-sixteen undernourished patients admitted to a stroke rehabilitation service were randomly assigned to receive, in double-blind fashion, 120 ml of a standard nutritional supplement or an intensive nutritional supplement every 8 hours in addition to the hospital diet.
INTRODUCTION: As health care changes, demands for intensive care nursing changes continue to grow, thus calling for even larger intensive care units.
Students at CPYB's intensive don't perform or rehearse, but spend most of their time in class.

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