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Second, to what extent does the language of joint and collective intentionality just label, rather than explain, the differences between hominins and the great apes?
The second part, referring to a neurophysiologic perspective, explains why they do so, taking its point of departure in biological intentionality as ".
Practical intentionality has been broadly defined as "purposeful behavior toward some conscious outcome" (Owen, 2009, p.
And, how might Murphy help account for our mental states' intentionality, and how they can be together with reality, given her physicalism?
These principles have many similarities to Invitational Theory and Practice's values of Trust, Care, Optimism, Respect, and Intentionality outlined by Purkey and Novak (1996, 2008).
Some of those living organisms have got neurons, and some of those neuron-based systems have got consciousness and intentionality.
Only when considering the two components as intrinsically united can philosophy grasp the intentionality proper to the religious act.
Blastenbrei argues that the intentionality of crime, revealed in its prehistory and circumstances, tells us more about its social role and background than conventional categories like manslaughter and injury.
Even those texts whose intentionality seems avowedly "liberal" or "progressive" with regard to race - such as Catherine Sedgwick's Hope Leslie (1827), Child's Romance of the Republic (1867), or Herman Melville's "Benito Cereno" (1855) - fail, in Nelson's terms, to outline genuinely alternative social visions.