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His face was anxious, as was the face of my companion, who had stumped over to the rail and was gazing with a like intentness in the direction of the invisible danger.
Yet, to his surprise, he was suddenly aware that the seat opposite to him had been noiselessly taken by a girl whose eyes, also, were fixed with curious intentness upon the broad expanse of marshland and sands across which the train was slowly making its way.
Once for all, a look of intentness and intensity--a look of hungry, exacting, watchful, and yet devoted affection--is always, now and ever afterwards, on the Jasper face whenever the Jasper face is addressed in this direction.
One hand she had pressed to her heart; but the startle and fright in her eyes was changing into a pleased intentness, while on her mouth was a little mysterious smile.
She studies the photo with the same intentness with which she listens to his lectures.
Greenleaf's servant-leader manifests several notable characteristics: (a) sustained intentness of listening; (b) facilitator of language and imagination; (c) the ability to withdraw and reorient oneself; (d) empathy; (e) foresight; and (f) persuasion.
She took a stained photograph from her dressing-table and, holding it over the candle, burned it to nothing, her red lips meanwhile parted with the intentness of her occupation.