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intention to leave), while informational and interpersonal justice (the two components of interactional justice) correlated only moderately with job satisfaction.
Thus, this study will try to examine the relationship or the link between servant leadership, interactional justice as antecedents of organizational based self-esteem and job dedication as the outcome in the services sector in Malaysia.
Interactional competence includes not merely linguistic knowledge and oral language skills, but more importantly, familiarity with specific practices and their cultural meanings, as well as the capacity to understand how and when these resources should be used (Hall, Hellermann, & Pekarek Doehler, 2011).
To address the contradiction between theory and empirical scale findings, we proposed that individuals' motivation for using hard influence tactics would be retaliation against perceived interactional injustice.
Similar conclusions can be drawn on the interactional justice fronts.
Because of the limits of interactional expertise alone, "citizens must be careful of being too skeptical when they discover .
In view of the important role of the perception of justice in the change outcomes and in individual behaviors, this research presents study hypotheses 1 and 2: H1: the planning and preparation of organizational changes are directly associated with the perceptions of procedural, distributive and interactional justice during the change process; H2: the degree of risk and uncertainty of the organizational changes is directly associated with the perceptions of procedural, distributive and interactional justice during the change process.
But we should take care to avoid stressing the aesthetical appeal, that is, the compositional meaning, while playing down the truth of a news event, that is, the basic value of news, which is usually shown through representational and interactional meanings.
Distributive justice, procedural justice, interactional justice, gender differences, gender role theory, subordinate / supervisor dyads
How characters' feelings are evoked and the feelings, attitudes and judgements a viewer has about what is going on in a picture deals with the interactional function of image.
As I read and re-read interviewees' evaluations, observations and experiences of interactional sexism, their accounts evoked a sense of parry, of patterned back-and-forwards movement.

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