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Perceived organizational justice (OJ) with respect to: a) distributive justice, b) procedural justice, and c) interactional justice as well as perceived organizational citizenship behavior (OCB) with respect to a) helping behavior, b) courtesy, and c) sportsmanship have been assessed by the present study.
Supervisory interactional trust, affective trust, and organizational citizen behavior
Is the students' examination anxiety predictable based on class management methods (Interventional, interactional and non-interventional)?
In our study we would expect, perceptions of distributive and procedural justice to lead to the formation of trust in organization and perceptions of interactional justice to lead to the formation of trust in supervisor.
Chinese interactional and social network structure tends to be more solid than networks in many Anglo-Saxon cultures.
As Beck (2006) found that his Defensive Theology Scale (DTS) was negatively related to the Interactional Scale (Batson & Schoenrade, 1991b), it is expected that the DTS total score will also be negatively related to each of the subscales of the MQOS.
Now let us turn to illustrations of the learning outcome observable in the interactional data, which were reinforced by the insights gained through the teacher-based assessments discussed above.
We measured interactional justice with a six-item, 5-point Likert-type scale developed by Moorman, 1991.
Sexuality and how people with cerebral palsy construct their sexuality is influenced by several explicit and implicit public, interactional and private factors.
Al Mwda also said that preparations are in full swing in order to finalise the Office's technical and administrative requirements, in association with eminent interactional legal and human rights sides so as to set up an advanced framework that reflects the kingdom's unique political and democratic development, out of its strong belief in the need to consolidate the concept of the state of law and institutions and human rights values.
Richardson has invited me to slow down and pay more attention to the steps of interactional processes, both my own internal process and those of the couples I work with.

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