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Modulus' InterAgent Toolkit provides both a transport mechanism and a suite of communications services, ensuring that CORBA objects are delivered reliably and intelligently to one or more recipients, no matter how large or complex the network.
The EIN is based on a unique infrastructure that utilizes Pure IPsm technology patented InterAgent middleware and a distributed server architecture developed in alliance with Sun Microsystems.
Sun Microsystem servers are deployed throughout the EIN as well as in the points of presence (POPs) of distribution channel partners, all controlled by the InterAgent software.
The Enron Intelligent Network is an architecture based on a unique approach to networking through distributed servers, Enron InterAgent middleware and Enron Communications' Pure IP technology.
We are implementing our patented core technology -- the Enron InterAgent automated network control system -- that will allow customers to access on-the-fly capacity, tiered quality of service, data, application and content capabilities purchased entirely on an as-used basis.
Canonical contractual solutions such as assignment of residual profits to one of several agents or the use of interagent competition do not necessarily fit the public administration context.
These models notably say nothing about interagent communication or networks; in fact all of the observed patterns can be reproduced with a simple two-rule model in which the stacking of checkers on a checkerboard depends only on the preexisting stack on each square, not on the stacks of its neighbors (Spencer 2011).
Our integrated paradigm (Figure 1) captures these possibilities by including interagent interactions at several stages along the backbone of the toxicological paradigm, which models progression from an individual's exposure to clinical disease.
An extension of Prolog has been chosen as the Interagent Communication Language (ICL)to take advantage of unification and backtracking when processing queries.
The system is without any particular observable organization or interagent loyalty, and simply functions as an ecology of activities benefiting from proximity .
Improvements over previous years were noted in the areas of preventing unauthorized access to information, securing interagent communications, preventing malicious code insertion, and preventing unauthorized operations.
The IOC's image is going to suffer until Samaranch takes personal responsibility for the fact the fiefdom he runs has come to stand for Interagents Of Corruption.

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