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No signs of interbreeding with Neandertal cousins called Denisovans appear in the Siberian man's DNA.
There was lot of interbreeding that we know about and probably other interbreeding we haven't yet discovered.
Southern tigrinas, on the other side of Brazil, hybridise with Geoffroy's cats, which leads to extreme levels of interbreeding between the species in their contact zone.
He said that the only place where such a genetic signal exists appears to be in areas east of Wallace's Line and that is where we think interbreeding took place - even though it means that the Denisovans must have somehow made that marine crossing.
Our research shows cause for major ecological concern because not only are the offspring capable of out-competing crucian carp but they are also capable of reproducing and further interbreeding with pure stocks.
They begin interbreeding like fabled backwoods hillbillies.
Two independent investigations identify for the first time the specific parts of the human genome that seem to have been most affected by Stone Age interbreeding with Neandertais.
Researchers said that much more interbreeding went on between different species of humans than had been believed.
The scientists also found that this Neanderthal genetic signal was higher in North African populations whose ancestors had relatively little recent interbreeding with modern Near Eastern or European peoples.
The Barents Sea is itself under threat from climate change, petroleum exploration, heavy shipping traffic and lightly regulated cod farming (which threatens wild populations through interbreeding with escaped farm fish).
He and Fiksdal said that within one to five years, most of the bees in the county will have been Africanized through natural interbreeding.