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PLACNs are prepared by in situ intercalative ring opening polymerization (ROP), a process which can be divided into two steps, i.
The aforementioned studies referred to nanohybrids prepared by either the melt intercalation or the in situ intercalative polymerization method.
A PCL/clay masterbatch (25 wt% clay) has been prepared in bulk by in situ intercalative polymerization of CL initiated by the hydroxyl groups borne by the Cloisite[R] 30B clay, using tin octoate as ROP catalyst [10].
The nanocomposites are mainly prepared by three different methods: solution intercalation, in-situ intercalative polymerization, and polymer melt intercalation (5).
Traditionally, polymer-organoclay nanocomposites are synthesized by either solution-intercalation method or in-situ intercalative polymerization (28, 29).
At present, two methods are commonly used to prepare polymer/MMT: in situ intercalative polymerization and melt intercalation.
The intercalated PS-clay nanocomposites were also achieved via in situ intercalative free-radical polymerization by Okamoto et al.
PLS nanocomposites can be prepared by four different methods: solution intercalation, in situ intercalative polymerization, polymer melt intercalation, and template synthesis (1).