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Sometimes when there was a great rain, and the stream came out of its banks, compelling him to urge his terrified flock to the uplands, he interceded for the people in the cities which he had been told lay in the plain beyond the two blue hills forming the gateway of his valley.
If you had listened to me you would never had interceded to keep your chief clerk; he stole that abominable paper, and has, no doubt, kept a fac-simile of it.
At first, when the invitations to the party had come, Aunt Janet had said we could not go; but Uncle Alec interceded in our favour, perhaps influenced thereto by Cecily's wistful eyes.
Fragment #91 -- Philodemus, On Piety, 34: But Hesiod (says that Apollo) would have been cast by Zeus into Tartarus (59); but Leto interceded for him, and he became bondman to a mortal.
Unidentified persons interceded on his behalf in an attempt to free him from police custody led to a firefight and subsequent arrest of the whole group, the ISF communiquA' added.