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Referring to Equation 10' we anticipate that the second-stage intercept [[delta].
officials allowed the horrors of McCarthyism to go forward, simply to protect the Venona intercepts.
Setting up the intercept requires tactical thinking; officers must consider what intersections and other road conditions lie in the path of the target vehicle that would be conducive to an intercept.
The companies are conducting a 600 patient Phase 3 clinical trial of the Intercept Platelet System in the United States.
We are honored that Swiss Red Cross centers in Zurich and Lausanne have chosen INTERCEPT as their pathogen inactivation technology for plasma," said Caspar Hogeboom, president of Cerus Europe.
With over 8 years of experience in routine use, the INTERCEPT system continues to perform exceptionally well in blood center operations and in clinical practice," said Dr.
The purpose of the 201-patient study was to provide additional information for clinicians regarding extended storage of INTERCEPT platelets, which are approved for storage of up to seven days in accordance with CE marking, but have been more extensively characterized in studies storing platelets only up to five days.
Jean Claude Osselaer of the Mont Godinne Blood Transfusion Center, Yvoir, Belgium will report on the transfusion experience with 18,641 INTERCEPT platelet components transfused in a 21-center European haemovigilance study confirming the safety profile of platelets treated with the INTERCEPT platelet system.
The INTERCEPT platelet system has been piloted in Basel over the past three years and also has been used in clinical studies elsewhere in Switzerland.
Highlights from the INTERCEPT presentations include:
Cerus Corporation (NASDAQ:CERS) announced today that it has received an expanded label claim allowing the use of its INTERCEPT Blood System(TM) to treat previously frozen plasma.
Cerus Corporation (NASDAQ:CERS) announced today that a subsidiary of the Company has entered into an agreement to supply the INTERCEPT Blood System for platelets to the largest group of blood centers of the German Red Cross (DRK), including the Frankfurt region.