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Then, in the second-stage regression of estimated Z effects against estimated X with Z associations, we should anticipate an intercept approximating [[beta].
Communications intercepts like the Venona cables have a special status in the intelligence world.
Audiotapes of radio transmissions during actual intercepts are played and critiqued to give the students a clear sense of how to organize an intercept.
The first successful intercept by the THAAD weapon system was at White Sands, New Mexico, in July 2006, during a seeker characterization test.
Pen-Link's relationship with Narus marks both companies' continued dedication to providing the most comprehensive solution available for lawful intercept compliance," said Mike Murman, CEO of Pen-Link, Ltd.
Mineralization generally consists of chalcopyrite, pyrite, tetrahedrite, covellite, galena, sphalerite, and rare traces of native silver as clots, veinlets and disseminations within contiguous fault zone drill hole intercepts of multi-phase breccia sealed with episodic silica.
The highest grade of the thick and continuous intercepts is 69.
5 metres, followed by a 1 metre intercept at a grade of 5.
The average length of the mineralized intercepts in the first 11 holes is 5.
As gold was of only marginal economic interest in 1972, Siskon Corporation did not follow up on the gold intercepts drilled.