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The members of the prayer group received daily prayer over a period of 28 days from the 5 intercessors assigned to their case.
The rest of Massignon's life was an unfolding of his experience with the Stranger and was dedicated to repaying his debt to his Muslim intercessors.
One intercessor saw in his own vision, that when I anointed the river with oil, the serpent's necks were surrounded with the oil and all the three heads fell down and the serpent was dead.
By Majlesi's time, Iranians generally accepted the Twelver clergy as intercessors, and the Safavid rulers had moved away from their claims of semidivine status.
Subjects, health care providers, and intercessors were blinded to the assignment of the intervention.
They proposed that it is "Assuming that God cannot heal at the bequest of human intercessors, what is the probability of getting these results?
In materials distributed by Intercessors for America, Bergel has said that he believes Satan is actively involved in spreading superstition in this country in order to cause "revengeful acts of violence.
Each team of five intercessors had a leader, who was given only the first names of new prayer-group patients to share with the other four team members.
She calls them prophets, guides, exorcists, intercessors.
While the group of intercessors did have some ecumenical flavor to it, comprised of members from Protestant and Roman Catholic churches, for some reason adherents of the Jewish faith were not deemed to have much pull with the "Judeo-Christian God.
However, Byrd admits it is possible that the study's intercessors might have prayed for those in the non-prayer group, even though they were expressly told not to.