interchange information

See: converse
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The parties have agreed to study the issues related to the execution of promising projects that are of interest for both parties, as well as to interchange information in order to prepare joint proposals.
For example at Swansea railway station, a primary city entry point, bus and train frequencies are good but interchange information, signage, integrated ticketing and operating times require improvement.
New applications will be possible only if the devices can interchange information accurately and reliably.
Contract awarded for Modernization project of high school foodservice station and rooftop interchange information and communication corporation
These minor changes at the railway station would significantly improve interchange information between high quality facilities, not least the electric train service in 2018.
As per the deal, both sides will interchange information, experience and expertise in the development of telecommunications and ICT.
The agreement is also aimed at improving understanding between the chambers for which both the parties will interchange information on local economic development, important economic events, major policies associated to foreign investment and local market access and information that either side is interested in.

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