interchange of information

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We encourage the cooperative interchange of information and assistance in all matters of mutual interest, fostering social relationships and community involvement among our membership.
The implementation of mobile learning facilitates augmentation of the learning process through real-time interchange of information and involvement of best practices across all the major regions.
Some of the region's companies working on cloud computing are co-located with researchers and students, encouraging two-way interchange of information, data and ideas.
The units will be used to display bus travel information on printed waterproof bond paper and the units shall facilities the interchange of information sheets as required by the Authority.
Providing interchange of information and communication between the TASN Board of Directors, TASN members and TASN faculty advisors;
Cooperation and exchanges should be used to develop the capacity of young people by facilitating the interchange of information among them.
IRTA provides a forum for the interchange of information and ideas for companies involved with transportation of frozen or chilled perishable products such as flowers, fruits, beverages, fish, meat, poultry, or dairy products.
This special form of conversational dialectic or give-and-take encapsulates one of Davidson's themes, that truth emerges from special forms of the social interchange of information.
Even the idea of `needs', including the idea of `economic needs', requires public discussion and the interchange of information, vision and analysis .
These rights "allow the free interchange of information," says Claire Lueneburg, an editor of her high school newspaper in Everett, Washington (see "Rights for Students?
This type of relatively harmless interchange of information about others occurs at all levels of society and is usually not malicious.
To institute and maintain among its members a continuous interchange of information in a setting that promotes friendship, encourages cooperation, fosters education, expands business opportunities and encourages each member to fully explore the vast array of possibilities in his or her chosen profession.

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