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However, it is unrealistic to expect that all intercommunicating agents will share a common rule or logic representation formalism; neither can W3C impose specific logic formalisms in a drastically dynamic environment like the Web.
If the 'out there' and 'in here' are said to mirror each other, it is because, beyond the visible boundaries of each, there is a like, intercommunicating, paranormal phenomenon at work: 'Out there, he shares with Gail.
In fact the visible part of the Dalek is only a travelling case inside which there is the Dalek itself, a shapeless brain intercommunicating and interacting with all the other Dalek brains - although later there came a need for these to be organised through a Dalek supreme.
The principle hotel accommodation at Cotswold House Hotel is located within three intercommunicating Grade II-listed properties, the oldest of which is believed to date from the 17th century.
Consequently, it is common to define a "document delivery network" as a set of distributed workstations intercommunicating via Ariel or Ariel-type software.
But IRC is more than just a simple chat system; its a network of intercommunicating servers, allowing, thousands of clients to connect from anywhere in the world using the IRC protocol.
SOA Blueprints describes a fictitious corporation, GeneriCo, which defines a complete environment consisting of a set of intercommunicating applications.
2) These boundaries define the intercommunicating contents and containers of dynamic energetic contexts that continue to open and be open to new possibilities as long as their flow is sustained by energy input.
Like Egloff, she suspected prehistoric Melanesia had been `a complex intercommunicating world' (Kennedy 1982: 27).
One is from reading work in contemporary human-evolution studies-sociobiology, comparative cultural anthropology, and so on-that we, as an interbreeding and intercommunicating species, evolved with a set of fundamental aesthetic preferences and genres and practices, most of which (well, all of which) are culturally universal.
Already, three directorates--Mission Operations, Flight Crew Operations and Mission Planning and Analysis--have intercommunicating networks and are also tied directly to the office of the director of Space Operations.
Akamai and Qualys share a vision that web security must evolve to become an intercommunicating ecosystem of controls located both in the cloud and within the user's infrastructure.