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Taxing each message with tens or hundreds of microseconds of interconnect latency would severely limit the practical ability to distribute and scale the enterprise database.
and the company's logo are registered trademarks and SMART Interconnect and SMART Interconnects.
RapidIO is an open standard with a processor bus," says Cox, "which means it provides a way to interconnect processors," even those with different instruction sets, so long as the endpoints can communicate.
delivers the leading Interconnect Business Optimization (IBO) and settlement software solutions, providing telecommunications companies with the ability to easily manage costs and drive profitability on their interconnect networks.
Recently, the Yankee Group named Telarix as one of the only interconnect solutions providers to address the four critical value areas for service providers: Route Optimization; Pricing and Margin Management; Billing; and Verification, Audit and Reconciliation.
Acme Packet Connected Universe is a program designed to accelerate the implementation of IP interconnects between service providers for voice over IP (VoIP) and other end-to-end IP interactive communication services.
Telarix is pleased to work with Golden Telecom as they continue to expand their interconnect operations and service offerings," said Telarix CEO Don Lynch.
We warmly welcome Strand Interconnect to First North.
The program helps service providers quickly find potential IP interconnect and peering arrangements and build business relationships with Acme Packet experienced service providers.
Followap interconnects the Vodafone Group operators, provides national interconnectivity in France, connects operator-owned communities to ISP communities, and has signed up several tier-one operators for interconnectivity through its Interconnect Hub.
PLX has been developing I/O interconnect solutions since 1986.
The SonicsMX(R) SMART Interconnect solution, the company's flagship product, contains a full set of advanced fabric features and data flow services, as dictated by the requirements of high-end or performance SoC designs.

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