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Across every single challenge or opportunity, companies who have not yet deployed interconnection solutions have much lower expectations for the strategic role interconnection can play in achieving their highest priority business goals.
When it comes to interconnection, following are three key areas where interconnected enterprises perceive interconnection to be more important than non-interconnected enterprises:
With more than 147,000 interconnections already established among its customers, Equinix offers the world's leading global interconnection platform Platform Equinix.
For example, interconnection charges in the UK are capped by a formula that ensures charges fall by around 8 percent for the local area and 11 percent for the long distance part of the telephone network each year, ensuring that telephony costs continue to decline.
Establishing the interconnection: the organizations develop and execute a plan for establishing the interconnection, including implementing or configuring security controls.
said also argued that high interconnection rates are impeding development of electronic commerce in Japan.
From a theoretical point of view, then, natural selection can only generate high levels of fitness under a relatively narrow range of circumstances - not too much or too little mutation, too many or too few interconnections.
We expect proprietary solutions to these problems to create sustainable market advantages for firms in the emerging optical interconnection space.
Now they have problems in interconnection negotiations, problems with the terms that the dominant carrier is requiring in order to conclude interconnection negotiations, and the government is going to have to decide.
In response to the state's renewable and GHG goals, renewable power developers are flooding the ISO's interconnection queue.
In recent years, with rapid development of big data, smart cloud, mobile internet, the service field of global intelligent interconnection equipment is expanding.
Recognizing the challenge of IP service interconnection for converged services, BroadSoft, Inc.

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