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In today's world, instant interconnection with partners, employees and customers is essential to compete and succeed.
Planning the interconnection: the organizations perform preliminary activities; examine technical, security, and administrative issues; and form an agreement governing the management, operation, and use of the interconnection.
Turk Telekom has demanded that Turkcell divide all interconnection fees equally with Turk Telekom going forward and retroactively from April 1998 as a result of the success by the Turkish Electrical Engineer's Society in their lawsuit against Turk Telekom filed with the Ankara Ninth Administrative Court in October 2000, which claimed that the interconnection fee regime set out in the Interconnection Agreement between Turkcell and Turk Telekom violated public benefit.
The results: When the amount of interconnection between the evolving populations is "just right" relative to the internal interconnections among the parts of each system, average fitness for all the populations is highest.
Understand the relationship between transmission system interconnections and the emerging European power market.
With the development of additional wireless networks, total LEC interconnection revenues would reach $5.
Network interconnection, separately, with Ameritech and US West, would enable TCG to broaden its scope of services to include traditional local telephone service in those states.
The origins and evolution of each interconnection is reviewed.
The construction of the HVDC interconnection would eliminate such problems and would allow for easy interchange of power between the Central and South West system and CFE, both in daily and emergency situations.
Further, consistent with all of its facilities, CRG West offers top-flight communications services assisting carriers and other customers in making interconnections within the building quickly and efficiently.
Called the Monclova Interconnection, the new interconnection has a design capacity of 100 million cubic feet of natural gas per day and can be accessed through ANR's Northern Ohio lateral.
PRIMUS and its customers benefit from the only solution available today that supports interconnections between H.

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