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Improvements in transmission latency--a key factor in network and application performance--mean Ethernet is now well suited to become the universal interconnect technology that can deliver the performance, low cost and interoperability that will drive the next-generation data center.
Sonics SMART Interconnect solutions offer OEMs, such as Ricoh, an economical and straight forward transition to the platform SoC strategy.
Interconnects like Fibre Channel and InfiniBand have addressed the box-to-box issue, but there has been no standard for a high-performance in-the-box interconnect.
The SonicsMX SMART Interconnect solution was introduced in late 2004 for cell phone platforms and has since spread across many other consumer, communications, office automation, and automotive applications.
Acme Packet's Net-Net SBCs help solve the technical challenges around IP interconnects and its new program helps mitigate some of the business hurdles.
Session border controllers remain a critical network element to facilitate those interconnects by ensuring security, managing quality and providing a variety of other functions at the network's edge.
Once connected to Followap's Interconnect Hub, the first IM multi-operator network environment, mobile users are able to seamlessly communicate across national and operator boundaries, to form one large IM and Presence community," said Simon Brown, VP Global Sales and Customer Operations at Followap.
Dozens of enterprise customers - primarily in the financial services, manufacturing and energy segments - are now using InfiniBand interconnects to improve their competitiveness.
the leading provider of Interconnect Business Optimization (IBO) and settlement solutions for content providers, IP service providers and global fixed and mobile operators, today announced its latest initiative to deliver next generation interconnect business optimization solutions with the launch of its Technology Alliance Partner Program.
Newest MoBL(TM) Devices Offer the High Throughput, Low Power and Small Footprint Required of Interconnect Solutions in 3G/3.
With new members spanning a wide range of market segments, the electronic industry has embraced HyperTransport as the lowest latency, highest bandwidth and most efficient interconnect technology," said Mario Cavalli, general manager of the HyperTransport Consortium.
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