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5 cm 23/F Slepyan,[7] 1944 1 cm 34/M Gordon and Hyman,[8] 1960 "Split pea size" 62/M Oberdalhoff and Schutz,[9] 1951 "Pigeon's egg" 13/F Yang et al,[10] 1999 11 X 6-cm plaque 38/M Current case, 2001 9 cm 30/M Source, y Location Faggioli et al,[4] 1988 Both legs and abdomen Shirren et al,[5] 1993 Skin of upper extremities, trunk, and penis Goodman and Abele,[6] 1971 Skin of left upper extremity Slepyan,[7] 1944 Skin of right arm, leg and shoul- der; left arm; and lumbar re- gion Gordon and Hyman,[8] 1960 Skin of bilateral arms, legs, but- tocks, chest, and back Oberdalhoff and Schutz,[9] 1951 Right arm, hand, and fingers Yang et al,[10] 1999 Left arm and forearm Current case, 2001 Intercostal spaces
To relieve a tension pneumothorax, a 14-16-gauge needle with a catheter is often inserted into the 2nd intercostal space along the mid-clavicular line, superior to the 3rd rib to avoid injury to the internal thoracic (mammary) artery.
At 3 weeks post re-admission a repeat CT revealed a persistent small collection in the gallbladder fossa and CT guided drainage was attempted through the right 8th intercostal space.
A sucking chest wound of 1 cm diameter on the left parasternal border in the 4th intercostal space and a hyperresonant left chest with decreased breath sounds were noted.
3 mV on the ECG lead V positioned on the anterior left third intercostal space.
A 14-year-old boy was recalled to the emergency department because of a penetrating chest trauma due to stab in the 4th intercostal space.
There was cardiomegaly with the apex beat in the 5th left intercostal space, lateral to the mid-clavicular line.
2] above the third intercostal space to reveal BRS changes on ECG.
The sterile kit contains a small scalpel with which one nicks the skin at the third or fourth intercostal space.

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