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Identification and time dependence of quantitative trait loci for basal locomotor activity in the BXD recombinant inbred series and a B6D2 F2 intercross.
Mapping genetic loci that regulate lipid levels in a NZB/BINJxRF/J intercross and a combined intercross involving NZB/BINJ, RF/J, MRL/Mpj, and SJUJ mouse strains.
5) This intercross involved BALB/cJ mice and LP/J mice (Hitzemann et al.
It is possible that there were some undocumented intercross animals in addition to those listed in the Appendix and tallied in Table 1.
Recognizing the above possibilities of undocumented intercross cats, it is likely that at least a few additional intercross cats exist.
In China, in order to improve fighting traits, breeders have commonly introduced gamecocks from Southeastern Asia, mainly from Thailand, to intercross with the Chinese local breeds during the last two decades.
2005) detected a QTL flanked by MCW0297 and MCW0018 that affects AFW and AFP in an advanced intercross line (AIL) population.
Genetic mapping of quantitative trait loci affecting body weight, egg character and egg production in F2 intercross chickens.
2002) found a QTL for backfat and suggestive evidence for average daily gain by whole genome scan in a Pietrain x Large White intercross.
Results of a whole genome scan targeting QTL for growth and carcass traits in a PietranxLarge White intercross.
The IGF2-intron3-G3072A substitution explains a major imprinted QTL effect on backfat thickness in a Meishan x European white pig intercross.