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There have been cases of interbreeding between genetically modified rapeseeds and normal rapeseeds for horticultural purposes in the past, the group said, but the latest finding of crossing between the wild plant, whose academic name is Rorippa indica which grows in the Southeast Asia regions including Japan, and the artificially modified ones could be the first case of intercrossing found in the wild in Japan.
Sometimes an aspect opens up to the other side, sometimes the viewer is confronted with an almost impenetrable pattern of intercrossing lines, like peering into a bamboo forest.
Much attention was also given to this part because there are many crossings where noise level takes the summary value expression because of all intercrossing streets.
Hybrid vigor, also known as heterosis, is the miraculous phenomenon by which intercrossing two varieties of plants produces more vigorous hybrid offspring with higher yields.
Darwin concluded that because crosses between different flower forms produced more seed than crosses between like flower forms, "the benefit which heterostyled dimorphic plants derive from the existence of the two forms is sufficiently obvious, namely, the intercrossing of distinct plants being thus ensured" (Darwin, 1986: p.
Oser is adept at intercrossing several concepts at once to weave a complex tapestry, but the process can sometimes produce loose ends, sudden transitions, and too-rapid turns of thought.
Collaboration with the Fort Collins lab, for example, involves intercrossing populations of seedlings in the flowering/fruiting stage that are from specific sites in Kazakhstart.
The intercrossing of distantly related plants that led to our modern bread wheats, for instance, caused many genetic changes.
Both are deeply political in their advocacy of liberation and cultural intercrossing.