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Process methods, such as Lean and Six Sigma, reflect an approach to managing efficiencies in sequential interdependencies.
Gas and oil infrastructures have a number of interdependencies and dependencies with other infrastructure that must be considered when identifying and classifying critical infrastructure, developing response plans, and in addressing other issues of security and protection.
Responses from 38 affected drinking-water and wastewater utilities, as well as from 250 utilities not affected, provide insights that can benefit utilities as they work to reduce their vulnerabilities and address interdependencies.
0 Application Management Suite utilizes a revolutionary, patent-pending Intelligent Blueprinting Platform that automatically discovers applications and their interdependencies within dynamic environments, and integrates with existing IT infrastructures and related processes.
The partnership drew on the work on interdependencies accomplished during preparations for the 2002 Winter Olympics in Salt Lake City, Utah, when private and public organizations banded together in a regional infrastructure assurance committee.
Strategic Plan 2002 focuses on these relationships, their alignment and interdependencies, with the fundamental understanding that the organization's success lies in using a coordinated, holistic approach to the strategic planning process and its execution.
None of these studies evaluate the role of market interdependencies in determining a firm's long-run equilibrium conditions under uncertainty.
In other words, sets of polymers develop the type of chemical interdependencies found inside cells.
STELLA and iThink models are powerful tools for communicating the interdependencies in all kinds of systems or processes.
Until recently, however, CSTC-A leadership had only limited insight to the details of each and to the linkages and the critical interdependencies among these stovepipe activities.
5 product automatically discovers and identifies all interdependencies across application, system and network tiers and delivers rapid end-to-end visibility into the entire enterprise Web application environment, reducing deployment cycles, lowering operating costs and minimizing service outages.
Individual projects have interdependencies that may reinforce or counteract each other.