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When Russia protects Syria's dictator, even when he's crushing his own people, it's creating an unhealthy interdependency.
The move to more jointness, to this full interdependency, will be a seismic shift in the way we define our operations of the future.
In the face of the impending collapse of the capitalist system, New Dealers were keenly aware that interdependency was a hard, cold fact of modern industrial society and that it was the role of government to humanely acknowledge that interdependency, if only to save the very system itself under the rubric of "Reform, Relief, and Recovery.
Yates is very persuasive that this literary representation of the interdependency of servant and mistress presents "Woman as the second sex: an underclass in a male-dominated hierarchy.
As a result, managing business interruption exposures has become complicated, especially due to the interdependency between the parent organization and its foreign subsidiaries-a relationship not unlike that of a key supplier or customer.
Kam highlights three reasons why-the quality of information available for judging and predicting enemy behavior, the persistence of conception even in the face of contradictory evidence, and the inherent interdependency of the many aspects of surprise attack that "makes it very difficult, perhaps even impossible, to locate the weak link in the chain and prevent future surprise attacks.
There's no question that as IT infrastructures and applications become more and more complex, so will the interdependency issues that can arise.
It is in this sense that her works mirror our current situation with its ever closer interdependency of worlds, reflecting the exchanges among various expressive levels that the contemporary imagination ceaselessly presents.
Interdependency is the synergy found when two independent entities come together in a relationship wherein the total outcome is superior to the sum of the parts.
The key to success is adopting a strategy of localization and global interdependency.
The Unisys SOA Vision suite comprises two primary modules - collections of integrated web services that enable operating system interdependency and help ensure suitability of images for electronic exchange: