interest group

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Users in a interest group may have the same service request, which may request the sub-content of a service, and they can cooperate to complete a file downloading task and share the sub-content of the by a peer to peer mode.
For more information about joining the special interest group in Norway contact Andrew Shikiarat andrew@projectliberty.
Business took a big hit along with other interest groups (in marked contrast to the last GOP budget).
CONTACT: Nancy Agosta, President, Southeast Region ATM Interest Group, 919-248-1196, or fax, 919-248-1101, or e-mail, agosta@mcnc.
5) Roundtable meetings in locations with sufficiently large Strategic Interest Group membership
It's wonderful when the New Mexican pueblos get involved in politics and become an active interest group.
Alas, "the same programs which made government a progressive force from the 1930s through the 1960s also spawned swarms of dependent interest groups, whose collective lobbying turned government rigid and brittle in the 1990s.
For general information concerning the SMDS Interest Group, contact Robyn Aber, 201-740-3822, SIG treasurer and chair of the SIG's PR & User Awareness Working Group.
Identify contact individuals at each interest group.
AcademyHealth's Interest Groups will be holding meetings in conjunction with the 2010 Annual Research Meeting in Boston.
They require interest groups to contribute to candidates and parties through regulated Political Action Committees at a maximum pate of $5,000 per candidate per (primary or general) election and limit individual contributions to $1,000 per candidate per election.