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For this to occur, they must present findings with interestingness through the mechanisms of credible scholarship.
76 on usefulness and interestingness thus shows that Sakila compares favorably to instructor and textbook examples in a consistent manner.
Other rule interestingness measures have also been reported in the literature for pruning the extracted association rules (Geng and Hamilton, 2006).
Chen Mingliang and Zhang Jingjing's research (2008) on factors which influence eWOM diffusion intention demonstrated that interestingness of content is the most important factor, followed by source creditability, recipients' altruist motivation and the self-promotion motivation.
For its part, the intensity of territory cover creates a space compositional fulfillment, contributes to a landscape organization, colorfulness, interestingness and balance.
Value proposition was also used in the later stages to evaluate proposed solutions in terms of feasibility and interestingness.
The interestingness of the ARs was evaluated using the most well-known indexes that express their degree of uncertainty: support, confidence and lift (Han and Kamber, 2006).
Measuring interestingness of discovered skewed patterns in data cubes".
If a feature occurs more than once, its interestingness is spread out across all the locations at which it occurs.
Comparison of interestingness measures for web usage mining: An empirical study.
During the reflection-mode the system breaks impasses generated during engagement, satisfies coherence requirements, and evaluates the novelty and interestingness of the story in progress.
Participants were asked to look at 20 paintings randomly spread out on a large table and fill out rating questionnaires (one for each painting) across six aesthetic dimensions: pleasingness, liking, preferability, beauty, interestingness, and wish to see again.