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Vertebral Technologies is pleased that the InterFuse device is being honored with this prestigious award.
Diaz was Vice President of Sales at Interfuse Technology where he directed sales of the company's file- security software products to the federal government and commercial enterprises.
Rounding out Chyron's graphics offerings are still and clip servers, channel branding and telestration systems, graphic asset management and Chyron interFuse, featuring XMP integration solutions and the award-winning WAPSTR mobile phone newsgathering application.
April 6 /PRNewswire/ -- Interfuse Associates, founded in 2003, (http://www.
An adaptable workflow solution for news, sports, election coverage, entertainment and education, interFuse combines all of Chyron's existing products into a flexible, interoperable solution that will provide clients with an adaptable, scalable and reliable workflow package for all industry segments.
Soft skills are critical to success in any company," explains Catherine Tornbom, Founder and CEO of Interfuse Associates.
It demonstrates Interfuse's leadership in the ongoing effort to help businesses reduce financial losses and brand erosion caused by data security breaches," said Interfuse President and CEO Phil Viscomi.
The next frontier in productivity will be people-centric," explains Catherine Tornbom, CEO of Interfuse Associates.
Interfuse President and CEO Phil Viscomi said, "Like many charitable organizations that need to protect confidential donor information, the Federation needed a solution that could easily be used by third parties, without the need for special software or training.
Banks and CPA firms are among the businesses that are most attuned to protecting confidential client information," said Interfuse President and CEO Phil Viscomi.
This program helps make OfficeLock the most complete, flexible and easy-to-use file-security solution available today," said Interfuse President and CEO Phil Viscomi.