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The goal of Interfusion TV is to share videos, music, behind-the-scenes, events, DJs and recording artists revolving around the electronica and dance music scene.
Coun Wallace, 47, said: The producer Sean Cameron, who runs Interfusion Films, was looking for ordinary people who are interested in gardening to be presenters.
Similarly, in TPVs, the difference between the surface energy of the PP matrix and the crosslinked EOC particles leads to the adsorption of the PP molecule onto the surface of the crosslinked EOC particles through segmental interfusion mechanism (28), (29).
From the above excerpt one can discern an astonishingly sympathetic imagination at work in Osundare's verse, a fecund imagination which combines an animistic mental universe with a Romantic predilection, all of this powered by an interfusion of ofo, oriki, and other allied folk poetic sub-genres.
On January 28 this year, Mr Bryant claimed a total of pounds 930 - made up of a payment to Rhondda Labour Party of pounds 480 for rent on his constituency office and another of pounds 450 to Interfusion Films.
The social and aesthetic interfusion of high and low has its counterpart at the linguistic level where a grotesque hybridization threatens to subvert the distinction between words and genres.
The local mould condition are very important because depend of this values we can influence the thickness of the interfusion layer.
I will argue that the seemingly conflicting ideological discourses/ discursive styles in Letters constitute a fusion of discourses/styles, each of which is not only discursively/generically determined, but also modified and dialogized through interfusion.
If photographs provide any evidence, those of James Boylan seem to reveal a physiologically indeterminate gender that appears to elude even the category of androgynous, so that being transgendered can incorporate a physical and psychical interfusion of both genders without the person actually being anatomically intersexed.
The documentary was shot from March 15 to 22 by London company Interfusion Films and the band hopes to see it on screen later this year.
6) "It is the creation that has attracted me, its perfect interfusion of life and design.