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[Latin, In the meantime: temporary; between.]

An interim dean of a law school, for example, is an individual who is appointed to fill the office of dean during a temporary vacancy or a period during which the regular dean is absent due to an illness or disability.


adjective impermanent, intermediate, makeshift, provisional, provisory, temporary, temporis innervallum, tentative, transient, unfinished, unofficial
Associated concepts: interim relief, interim stay, provisional remedies
See also: abeyance, cessation, hiatus, interlocutory, interruption, interval, moratorium, pause, pendency, provisional, recess, respite, shifting, temporary, tentative, time, transient

INTERIM. In the mean time; in the meanwhile. For example, one appointed between the time that a person is made bankrupt, to act in the place of the assignee until the assignee shall be appointed, is an assignee ad interim. 2 Bell's Com. 355.

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Pay rates for part-time interims increased slightly from [pounds sterling]621 in 2013 to [pounds sterling]651 per day in 2014, and those interims working overseas have experienced a small increase and now command a daily rate of [pounds sterling]746 (up from [pounds sterling]743).
However, there was a big drop in the number of interims in their 20s and 30s with just 2% on assignment, compared with 33% in June 2013.
Jason Atkinson comments: "It's a bit early to say whether the decline of interims in their 20s and 30s is a market trend, however, it could be that younger interims were sheltering in interim management during the recession but with full time permanent jobs increasing they are choosing to go back on the payroll.
If work-life balance is important to you, it's worth thinking about pursuing a career as an interim, and the benefits interim work can bring.
The growing importance of venture capitalists in grocery has fuelled the trend: about a quarter of all interim postings in grocery businesses now occur in organisations being turned around by VCs, according to Botting who's a former executive at M&S.
And age is no longer the barrier it once was; where grey hair and a 30-year track record were once prerequisites for a successful interim career, today the only absolute requirement is an ability to hit the ground running and to deliver results.
An interim VPMA can keep the hospital from losing momentum that has built up in quality improvement, development of guidelines, or information technology implementation.
Sheff says The Greeley Company typically contracts with a hospital to provide an interim VPMA or CMO for three or four months.
Interims are frequently overqualified for the job they are asked to do.
The day rate paid to interims can vary from less than 600 [pounds sterling] to approaching 2,000 [pounds sterling].
But Bibeault is a bit different from other interim CEOs in that he began the interim circuit while in his 20s.
But Bibeault is only one of the hundreds of people who make a living restructuring company after company in a series of interim posts.

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