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Elke Moebius, Director of Euroshop said after the event: I first heard about the PID conference in 2014 and quickly realized the shared potential for printed interior decoration and EuroShop as the leading retail trade fair worldwide.
To8To is an online interior decoration service platform that connects home owners with interior decoration companies, designers and construction material providers.
The product range includes wall panels, wall coverings, shuttering panels, site fencing, anti-skid flooring and false ceilings for the construction and interior decoration sectors.
Its RMD board manufacturing plant is capable of producing more than 1,000 designs per year in its line of products for interior decorations that will cater to different tastes and cultures.
Approximately 38,000 people visited the company's booth, and over 2,000 companies expressed their desire to take part in Panasonic's plans for "expanding partner distributors for interior decoration installation sales," "expanding the business regions for (advanced) interior decoration installation," and "expanding the sales of housing equipment devices.
Depa will undertake the complete interior decoration works for 400 rooms covering a total area of 34,000 sq m and the installation of all the furniture, furnishings and equipment.
What: Formex Where: Stockholm Exhibition and Congress Center, Stockholm, Sweden When: August 16 to 19, 2012 Details: Formex is one of the premier interior decoration sector trade shows in Sweden and serves as a platform for top professionals from the Nordic interior design sector to directly interact with each other and exchange information on the latest topical issues.
New Delhi, Jan 3 (ANI): Indians are fast developing a taste for the good life and this is showing in the rapid growth in the business of interior decoration market.
The 2nd international interior decoration and garden equipment exhibit INTERMED will be held next February 22-25 in Sfax and this session will be dedicated to Libya, says the local chamber of commerce and industry which is organizing the event.
Highlights include tasteful interior decoration throughout.
But visiting one can still be a fascinating experience, and can teach us a lot more than merely all there is to know about one particular well-to-do family's taste in interior decoration through the ages.
se, which sells designer furniture and interior decoration products via the Internet.

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