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In the case of "Monologo", the use of several techniques such as the lack of a logical argument, multiple narrators and the employment of interior monologue help to emphasize the chaos and frustration that this character is facing.
Though her pretty, vivacious character is appealing, Hind's late entry into the film and the catalytic role she inhabits in Tariq's interior monologue makes her something of a deus ex machina -- a god-like figure who appears "from the rafters" to steer an inconclusive plot to its appropriate resolution.
She never gets to the bottom of the matter in her eight-chapter-long interior monologue, nor does the narrator in his comments.
In other words, the interior monologue of the female protagonist is embedded in a third-person narrative, but the dominant voice of the text remains that of the female protagonist.
Just as the late Renaissance employment of self-addressed speeches to dramatize the issue of "privacy" can be distinguished from the medieval employment of audience-addressed soliloquies to dramatize "communalism," it can also be distinguished from the subsequent dramatization of "interiority" in the form of interior monologues that began to appear in Western drama only in the late seventeenth century.
Building on this suggestion, I would argue that this communal interior monologue stands, like the idea of the conspiracy itself, as an ideal within the novel that we glimpse briefly, and are meant to continue to desire throughout the rest of the text.
His finely modulated interior monologues chart the evolution of his characters' self-knowledge.
The book] is like an interior monologue, when they're sitting in their cell at night and they're talking to themselves and learning about themselves.
Fred Stenson, nominated for the 2000 Giller Prize, presents a defamiliarized interior monologue of a frontier official in 1820s Alberta and the ominous portents he encounters.
Her demonic, ferocious Solea, which closed the program, had the quality of a compelling interior monologue, almost Japanese in its abstraction, distillation and beauty.
56) In Celadon's own interior monologue we encounter the words, "Am I Alexis?
Here is the sister-peer, shaqiqa, putting into the narrative style of interior monologue a claim for the equal and ineffable selfhood of the female individual, daughter and heiress to the same legacy as the valorized man of the Arab renaissance.

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