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Millennia of human life on Earth and a huge reservoir of accumulated knowledge have apparently interiorised in scientific thought and research a positive notion of the need to perpetually advance the quality of life on our planet.
2) This is from an essay on Pasternak, and Jakobsen is thinking primarily of developments in Russian art, but the proposition is familiar to us as perhaps the definitive way of thinking about the evolution of AngloAmerican modernism, as it navigates its way out of the self-reflecting, interiorised world of the fin-de-siecle decadence and into the light of an external world which is, as it were, seen clearly again for the first time since Homer, Dante and Shakespeare.
Zygmunt Bauman thinks humans suffer from 'derivative fear' which, once interiorised, routinely causes people to, 'even in the absence of a genuine threat, resort to the responses proper to a point-blank meeting with danger'.