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To begin to show more directly how this is possible, I wish to identify two further moments in our ongoing narrative: one that recognizes Ricoeur's effort to refocus reflection on method, and one that can be further enhanced by Lonergan's notion of interiority and generalized empirical method.
At this point the question becomes: Don't 'outside'--political and social elements--have any influence on the interiority of a self?
If the two levels are separate, then in fact the narrative audience's belief in Hamlet's interiority has no necessary connection to our belief in other humans' interiority.
How is it that Smith and Carlos are largely icons of resistance, and that of all the things we are encouraged to read in their image, vulnerability and interiority are not among them?
He is pointing out that the lives of animals do not have the kind of interiority that we may attribute to human beings.
She is more than willing to speculate about the grounded silences and manifest absences in a painting of her focal subject Alice Barnham--merchant's wife, silkwoman in her own right, mother of four--and to do so compellingly, yet while withholding any warrant of the interiority we would claim for ourselves, since this is not part of the material record she examines.
The Protestant side is led by David Daniell, the noted Tyndale scholar, who in "Explorers of the Revelation: Spenser and Shakespeare" sees in Shakespeare an emphasis on the subjectivity and interiority of the common man, a legacy of Protestantism.
The Interiority exhibition at the Mushroom Works Gallery, St Lawrence Road, Newcastle, will open to the public from 10am to 5pm from April 7 to 10, and from April 11 to 19 by appointment only.
Pfau's quest for integrated historical understanding rehearses this anaclitic trajectory, exemplifying the anxious interiority that he is conjuring with.
MAN had been too preoccupied with his external pursuits that now it was time to set right his interiority.
It became more and more interesting--this interiority I mean, in
This he does with an impressive degree of verve and some highly apt and illuminating comparisons, particularly to the fiction of Henry James, whose complex interiority he claims Bowen has 'revised with a woman's knowledge and eye'.