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Everywhere you go, people will interject their perplexing rules on us: "You can't skate here," "You can't stand here.
A nice assortment of tools will reduce some of the mental tedium and interject a little fun into the process.
Union Pacific has now decided to interject a proposal which has little chance of being consummated because Union Pacific does not want to compete with a merged Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railway.
Hawaii's Board of Education has unanimously rejected a proposal to interject creationism into the state's public schools.
Our audio cassettes interject positive comments and motivational phrases to enhance positive thinking and confidence.
Using the RAZZ, consumers can interject sound clips directly into their phone conversations.
In a conversation excerpted here, Alys describes the project, which involved the coordinated action of hundreds of volunteers on the arid dunes of Ventanilla, an area on the outskirts of Lima dotted with the makeshift shelters of a shantytown, as an attempt to interject a "social allegory" Into the cultural conversation that is Peru.
Meanwhile, legislators in several states are using the Columbine tragedy as an excuse to interject religion into public schools, including:
He's constantly interrupting the reading to interject questions and comments ("Marx was a bit naive on that point"), and participants are encouraged to express their puzzlement at difficult passages in the texts.
We look forward to a long working relationship with Telenetics and hope to continue to interject American companies into our PRC projects.