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The old witch-doctor had rigged a framework of interlaced boughs to close the mouth of the cave from predatory beasts.
Ahead, the folds of hills interlaced the distance, with a remote blue mountain rising in the center of the picture.
Keepixo's Genova solution provides comprehensive support for interlaced encoding modes as defined in the HEVC compression standard with best-in-class video quality," said Ismail Allalcha, Strategic & Ecosystem Marketing Manager, Digital Product Group, STMicroelectronics.
Most SD is interlaced but most HD displays (TV, PC screen or mobile) are progressive.
The assignment of individual characters, actions, and symbols to individual Tarot cards means releasing Tolkien's story order and its particular interlaced structure to that of Tarot; thus The Lord of the Rings Tarot cards do not follow the sequence of the story.
Companies like Genesis that can support high quality upconverted video output from interlaced video inputs will also benefit from the growth in the DVD player market," added Jay Srivatsa, principal analyst for iSupply-Stanford Resources.
I now want to suggest how this complex process of acknowledging, textualizing, and ironizing historical-political crisis is subsequently played out in the interlaced structure of the canto, thus subordinating the movement of Ariostan narrative to an allusive political critique that gives specific shape -- as it were, a local habitation and a name -- to what the proem to canto 17 states in the most general terms.
But MPEG-1 includes no concept of interlaced scanning; every picture or frame contains all the lines that make up a complete image (this is the so-called sequential or progressive scanning used by computers to make text more readable).
Now the TV industry can build HDTVs that use either progressive scanning or interlaced scanning, and the computer industry can manufacture all the progressive scanning displays they want.
Dilip Gersappe, a materials scientist at the University of Pittsburgh, and his colleagues describe a new method for grafting polymers with interlaced strands.
Phase 1b trial tests Interlaced Therapy[TM] approach to treating solid tumors
For coating industrial fabrics, non-woven materials and interlaced yarns in particular, the company has developed new grades of the thermoplastic polyurethane Desmopan that remain lightfast throughout the car's lifetime and can therefore by dyed any color.