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We now turn briefly to the last dimension of Dooyeweerd's ontology: enkaptic interlacement.
Interlacement of the even and odd spectra of real symmetric Toepliz matrices, Linear Algebra Appl.
The installation piece would feature an interlacement of looping systems: Infrared video cameras, microphones, speakers, and motorized still cameras would sweep the room, and dry ice would hang from the ceiling, pouring a mist onto a stagelike platform, while "Ramblin' Man" played on a sound system and a "caller" repeated "Hank, Hank, Hank.
Because blood was the primary medium for the body's interlacement with the environment, knowing how properly to handle the blood depended on knowing pretty much everything about both the person and the environment in which he or she lived.
Durant's interlacement of stories allows his memories to feed off of each other.
The integral interlacement numbers known as linking number (Ln).
At T company, we can see the interlacement of public and private in several ways.