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That was 76 percent of all the interlocked offenders rearrested.
Tenders are invited for A) Provision of Auto Change Over to interlocked LC Gates (47 Nos.
Cooper was, himself, the connection that interlocked the London boards of ten companies of which he was a director between 1931 and 1932.
This paper examines whether the presence of interlocked directors on a board is associated with weak governance.
The age of a firm (AGE OF FIRM) also affects the number of firm interlocks because older firms are more established, and hence are more likely to have interlocked boards.
All four sides of the metal slate are interlocked to form an extremely strong roofing system that resists all kinds of extreme weather conditions, including high winds, sun belt exposure, and heavy rains.
Available in both manual and automatic models, the system can be interlocked with dock doors, dock levelers, or trailer restraints.
Each ring in one four-ring loop interlocked with two rings in the other loop, and vice versa.
Part of its timeless and classic Tiffany 1837 ao Collection, these jewels see the famed design house play with the concept of two interlocked rings of gold that come together in sparkling partnership.
Provision of Auto Change Over to interlocked LC Gates 47 Nos and way side stations 25 Nos on Main line of Waltair Division.
The Russellstoll UniGard IEG 309 circuit breaker interlocked receptacles are available in all standard voltage polarizations.
The units are commonly employed where hazards need to be indirectly interlocked, often with the use of levers and cams.