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In this sense, having Iimaji with another means on the one hand that one knows how to address him or her, understands the language, knows how, when and where to say things, and so on, and on the other hand, that there is some established precedent of interlocution.
On the contrary, the poem affirms the continuous necessity for a web of interlocution between Wordsworth and his sister to substantiate the myth of memory.
It is an apparent connection and link between myself and my respondents during the interlocution of their lives.
Charitable questions are human in origin, focusing on (and through interlocution, promulgating) the caritas or love between creature and creator.
The woman is forced to write in the language of the other in such a way that otherwise indicible expression can be heard and seen in the margins of interlocution.
This questionnaire was adjusted based on the survey about the research background, consultation and interlocution of the respective experts.
moderate faction chairman Mirwaiz Umar Farooq said the report and the whole exercise of interlocution was part of the government's move to buy time.
TOLKIEN STUDIES 2011 BEGINS with Philip Irving Mitchell's "'Legend and History Have Met and Fused': The Interlocution of Anthropology, Historiography, and Incarnation in J.
Sinico (Joyce 1992, 108), inviting us instead to "imagine a homosexual Duffy obliged to live utterly without interlocution or dialogic possibility" (Norris 1999-2000, 73).
More so the reader has no chance for interlocution.
If in Quentin and Shreve's case, it takes two, it is noteworthy that their cultural, geographical, and historical difference is strategically crucial, insofar as it poses, at a metaphorical level, the point/counterpoint of interlocution.
This production is the fruit of a "dialogic interlocution.