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Early evening is perhaps the best time to interlope when the Bistro is buzzing with a pre performance crowd eager for their tea to be served up from the awardwinning food bar, overseen by the nosh major domo, Paddy Byrne.
Au-dela, se profile une societe ou fait naufrage la creation (Steinbock), ou grouille l'immonde (Marneffe), ou s'abolit la loi (a preuve cette sombre figure interlope a laquelle l'heritier Hulot est force de deleguer le chatiment des monstres).
Ils ont beaucoup compte sur les detenus, les delinquants, le milieu interlope.
Not to forget are basketry and mat-work whose plaits interlope in ways recalled by the intersecting planes of sculpted and woven malanggan - all made not to invite introspection, but to deflect it.