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Police also arrested Romanian Gabriel Ilie (29) who was the alleged intermediator between the Briton and the two boys.
If they don't think you're credible, they'll have a chance to go to Fodor's - in our business - or some other intermediator and say, "Your product is not as good as his product.
Our analysis incorporates the multiproduct production process and employs the intermediation approach to measuring bank output and costs - that is, banks serve as an intermediator of financial services.
Each message is intercepted by an intermediator, read word for word, and if necessary, edited for toxic and negative emotion before it is passed on.
Sami-ul-Haq, who is holding prominent role as a Taliban intermediator in ongoing peace talks with Pakistani government, was responding to Minister of Defence Khawaja Muhammad Asif's statement.
Due to activities of 13 intermediator firms in Issyk Kul region in 2005, Vostokelektro lost 95 million som, reads the report of the Accounting Chamber for 2011.
With a new focus on building and integrating its historic operations and geographic footprint across the Middle East, North Africa, South Asia and Turkey/Central Asia, the Bank proposes to position itself in time as a major intermediator of capital flows across this region, as it rebuilds its Asset Management, Investment Banking and Sharia Compliant Wealth Management capability.
To prevent their savings from becoming worthless paper, foreign savers send their money to the United States, thus informally appointing the United States to be the world's financial intermediator of last resort.
Firstly, transactions costs incurred by the intermediator in his relations with other parties encourage him to organise production in a particular way.
Additionally, iBus addresses the needs of developers in the financial services and other industries by acting as the intermediator of KM technologies, providing instantaneous and effective delivery options for research, and supporting the delivery and distribution of multimedia (whole objects) contents in real-time.
The intermediator does not intervene in an already existing market so much as set up the market from scratch himself.
Direct and categorically dialogues with TTP would be organised in presence of Taliban intermediators under new strategy designed in order to design next policy of Pakistan government.