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tax evasion is continuing to interminable extent in this country which is dealing a serious blow to national economy', he said this while addressing a ceremony held here Saturday under Tax Bar.
En Resentimiento terminable e interminable, una vez mas Luis Kancyper nos asombra por su extraordinaria capacidad de tender puentes entre el psicoanalisis y la literatura.
Coming after last year's general election, the public appetite for endless mud-slinging and interminable political debate is low.
The secretary-general submitted a report to the UN Security Council earlier in March in which he indicated, "the negotiations cannot be an open-ended process, nor we can afford interminable talks for the sake of talks.
A work in The Irlam House Bequest show THEATRE Daniel Kitson - The Interminable Suicide of Gregory Church, The Everyman, tonight and tomorrow, 0151 709 4776; The Merry Widow, The Brindley, Runcorn, 7.
Mixed in is the biennial curiosity as to why Tuesday ever seemed like a good day for voting, a renewed appreciation for the convenience of early voting and a desire to send a dozen roses to the inventor of the digital video recorder, who made skipping through the interminable ads possible.
coming off a worst-ever year, a new coach, 16 or so new players, seemingly interminable and in some cases lucky draws and a very public spat between the team's two superstars.
I DO not want to become involved in an interminable dispute with Jason Smith (Voice of the North, October 21), but let me just say that councillors' allowances in Newcastle were reduced by 10% in 2004 and have subsequently increased by less than inflation.
Ella investiga el primer asesinato ocurrido en la Antartida, un descubrimiento impactante por si mismo que la hundira en un misterio aun mas extrano y la revelacion de los secretos enterrados por mucho tiempo bajo el interminable hielo.
This time out it's the turn of electropop and the 33 tracks here include the good (Frankie Goes To Hollywood's Relax), the bad (Freestyle's infuriating Don't Stop The Rock, recently used in the Cadbury 'eyebrows' ad) and the ugly (Trio's interminable Da Da Da).
Jones the Steam would become his annoying robot sidekick and the whole thing would grind on for 80 interminable episodes.
Welch were having an interminable, rambling conversation about nothing in particular .