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Now it chanced there lived in the same boarding-house a fellow-clerk of his, an honest fellow, with what is called a weakness for drink - though it might, in this case, have been called a strength, for the victim had been drunk for weeks together without the briefest intermission.
I saw a richer green flow up the hill-side, and remain there, without any wintry intermission.
It was plain that as he had gone on loading and firing and cursing without the proper intermission, they had found time to regard him.
He could not rest quietly for two minutes together, but kept picking up and then dropping whatsoever came to his hand, and bowing and smiling without intermission, and sitting down and getting up, and again sitting down, and chattering God only knows what about his honour and his good name and his little ones.
The heavy rain that still continued to fall without intermission favoured our enterprise, as it drove the islanders into their houses, and prevented any casual meeting with them.
Her dejection had no abatement from anything passing around her; a friend or two of her father's, as always happened if he was not with them, spent the long, long evening there; and from six o'clock till half-past nine, there was little intermission of noise or grog.
The rainy season, which commences in October, continues, with little intermission, until April; and though the winters are generally mild, the mercury seldom sinking below the freezing point, yet the tempests of wind and rain are terrible.
On his return that night - the night succeeding his last intermission - he stood in the hall and looked up the staircase with a certainty more intimate than any he had yet known.
Toward the end of the winter of that year Luigi worked without intermission.
Let not a man force a habit upon himself, with a perpetual continuance, but with some intermission.
Hence the twanging and humming and rustling proceeded with even less intermission than usual.
The rain had been thick and heavy all day, and with little intermission for many days.