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A collage of classical music accompanies Roland Petit's epic Proust ou les intermittences du coeur.
Experimental data have indicated that the NT MW effects occur depending on several physical parameters, including carrier frequency, polarization, modulation, and intermittence (Belyaev 2005a).
it is intermittence, as psychoanalysis has so righlty stated, which is erotic: the intermittence of skin flashing between two articles of clothing (trousers and sweater), between two edges (the open-necked shirt, the glove and the sleeve); it is this flash itself which seduces, or rather: the staging of an appearance-as-disappearance (10).
Lessor des pompes a essence s'est donc realise par intermittence et dans certains quartiers seulement au cours de ces cinq annees.
A highly realistic network model would take into account many complexities, such as the control traffic overhead, traffic congestion, mobility of the nodes, the irregular shape of radio coverage areas, and the intermittence of communication due to weather conditions and interference from preexisting infrastructure (power lines, base stations, etc.
Event detectors monitored and recorded intermittence in the solder joints during the vibration test.
The circular route functions as much as an emblem of futility as it does of perfection, for both qualities are compounded into their affair, its intensity guaranteed by its very defect of intermittence.
Ballets that process literary texts have something of the collocative daring of The Metaphysical conceit, and something of its instability and intermittence as well.
As is known, the quantum theory--the physical theory of micro processes--recognizes intermittence, step-type behavior of the physical values describing a condition of micro objects.
The collection concludes with papers on spatial intermittence in two-dimensional turbulence using a wavelet approach and an elementary definition of Brownian motion in Hilbert space.
Nonetheless, surface flow intermittence did occur at the end of the study, in spring and summer 2002.
Puckett Creek provided such ecological requirements, as it typically approached seasonal intermittence and was conducive to algal growth.