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Under the terms of the agreement, AIR Media will develop and publish mobile software applications that extend the Intermix entertainment destinations to leading mobile carrier networks and millions of mobile phone users.
Beck brings over 10 years of experience in the interactive advertising and media industries and joins Experclick from Intermix Network, LLC/Fox Interactive Media, where he held the position of vice president of sales development.
For no-clean fluxes, significant improvement was observed using higher concentration, slower belt speed and an eight (8) spray bar intermix nozzle configuration.
Xinhau, the official press agency of the People's Republic of China, reported that Sany had carried out the deal through its subsidiary Putzmeister, buying Intermix for $9.
In addition to the completion of the retail space for Intermix, Phase II will consist of the conversion of apartments into retail spaces along Washington Street and is capable of being divided into four separate spaces, each approximately 895 square feet in size.
said Monday that it would buy Los Angeles-based online company Intermix Media Inc.
last month to discuss a type of fire called the intermix fire.
Urban sprawl and rural and urban intermix land uses present additional problems that we must face.
NYSE: GPS) today announced it has acquired INTERMIX Holdco Inc.
Using Shopatron's distributed order management system, Intermix can now fulfill online orders with available inventory from either a distribution center or a retail store.
Since the introduction of the Banbury mixer in 1916 and the introduction of the Intermix in 1934, both machines are said to have acquired an excellent reputation as being rugged and effective compounding devices.
There is a diverse collection of luxury retailers in the neighborhood--from art galleries to high-end apparel, jewelry and cosmetic retailers including Vera Wang, Michael Kors, Intermix, Carolina Herrera, Agnes B.