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His rationale was, of course, racial intermixture among the Indians,'' Brown wrote, adding that the ''antiquated and now repealed'' tribal law was an attempt to protect Indian identity.
Reizenstein figures the problems of racial intermixture in New Orleans through the placage relationship between Emil and Lucy Wilson.
to apply, given the inevitable intermixture of political and legal
Gause describes the key events of North Korean politics since the assumption of power of Kim Chong-il (more commonly known as Kim Jong-il) in 1994, investigating the intermixture of domestic and external affairs in the decision-making processes and institutions of the North Korean leadership and the likely prospects and effects of the dynastic succession of Kim's son Kim Jong-un.
Wentworth had told the 1837 immigration committee that he did not approve of the introduction of Indians because it would be impossible to prevent 'an intermixture of races'.
The purpose of this intermixture was to prevent excessive damage from the DNCB].
Background researches showed that squid ink is an intermixture, besides large amounts of melanin, the ink contains proteins, lipids, glycosaminoglycans and various minerals, etc.
Furthermore, the "efficient working of the political institutions of different States presupposes certain characteristics in the human beings to whom they are applied; and a large intermixture of immigrants brought up under different institutions might inevitably introduce corruption and disorder into a previously well-ordered State" ([1891] 1919, 309, emphasis added).
stocks and the amount and quality of the intermixture among them.
In examining the correlations and points of contact between the political and the religious, the secular and sacred, it is amply documented how early political discourse in America consisted of a "resilient intermixture of religious and republican vocabularies" that culminated in a novel American "Christian republicanism.
At any rate, the process of intermixture has continued from age to age and we still have surviving, in the villages and small towns of the various parts of our sub-continent dance styles and dramas which are vitalist in character, though they are often diffused in the imagery and metaphor of the monologues and dialogues and the gesture language employed and in the costumes, decor, and other parts of stagecraft improvised, for rendering the themes.
To prevent uncontrolled intermixture of germ cells, spawning specimens were separated according to sex as soon as visual identification of germ cells could be made.