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Other than typical localizations, sporadic cases exist involving demyelinated plaques in the cervical spinal cord, midbrain, medulla, internal capsule, and cerebral peduncle, even cases of MS not explainable by anatomical evidence have been reported (6,7).
CT scan of the head showed a hypodense area in the posterior limb of the right internal capsule.
The nucleus accumbens, internal capsule, und cg25 all appear to be connected to the medial forebrain bundle.
For OCD and treatment-resistant depression; a further psychiatric disorder which Medtronic is currently exploring with Reclaim DBS therapy in a multi-center randomized clinical trial; the anatomical target in the brain is the anterior limb of the internal capsule (AIC), and more specifically, a region sometimes referred to as the ventral capsule/ventral striatum (VC/VS), which is a central node in the neural circuits believed to regulate mood and anxiety.
MR patterns consist of small-size infarcts, involving basal ganglia, internal capsule and brainstem (Figure 1).
Repeat CT scan of the brain showed new bilateral temporo-occipital hypodensity more on the left side and a probable right middle cerebellar and left thalamic internal capsule infarct.
For example, a stroke in the internal capsule might interrupt sensory fibers, motor fibers, and fibers involved in other functions, all running very close to one another.

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