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Finally, a greater proportion of office staff and physicians of pediatric practices (77% and 70%, respectively) than of internal medicine (42% and 12%) or family medicine practices (69% and 50%) reported having a specific office policy on adolescent confidentiality.
Funded in part by the Upjohn Company, the kit includes brief profiles of many medical school preceptorship programs and whether they are in need of internist-preceptors; steps to take to work with medical schools and participate in or sponsor a program as an individual internist, group, or State component society of internal medicine; tips and tools for the internal medicine preceptor; and more.
Spectrum Health Medical Group - Grand Haven Internal Medicine
For more information regarding the Knowmedge internal medicine question bank and board review eBooks, please visit http://www.
The Internal Medicine In-Review Online Study System is accessible at InReviewIM.
The 'High-Yield Internal Medicine Board Exam Pearls' eBook is designed to serve as a valuable tool for internists and residents undergoing intense Internal Medicine board exam review.
ACP wants to ensure that any process for practice-based evaluation strengthens internal medicine as a whole, including both office-based and hospital-based general internal medicine.
EHE is proud to add Northeast Tarrant Internal Medicine Associates to its growing private provider network.
The Knowmedge Internal Medicine Flashcards platform contains over 4,000 questions from all the major Internal Medicine categories including cardiology, gastroenterology, endocrinology, oncology, nephrology, neurology, rheumatology, hematology, infectious disease, and dermatology.
The news forum will be addressed by the society's chairman and Consultant of Internal Medicine and Heart, Prof.
This dismal state of payment owes mainly to the fact (apart from Florida being a low fee center) that the services provided by internal medicine specialists come under Medicaid which involves much lower rates than Medicare .
in medicine, delivered by leading consultants of internal medicine and

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